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This was a great training for getting a quick but reasonably broad overview of Alfresco as an ECMS platform. The material was well prepared and well presented, and the location was well chosen.
Inovex GMBH

The Technical Partner Bootcamp gives a great overview of Alfresco in general and especially Share and Activiti.
PPI AG Informationstechnologie

Jörg is great professional and perfect trainer. He's very knowledgeable and responsive to all our needs as developers. Training was really nice and helpful.
Institute Mihajlo Pupin

Great experience! Munich is a beautiful city and Jörg is a competent trainer with a relevant practical experience. We have benefited greatly from this course, got some new ideas and resolved many dilemmas.
Institute Mihajlo Pupin

This training was a good experience, I've learned a lot with a good balance of fun and efficiency! topics were well covered and the Instructor had a good knowledge enough to answer all our questions. Thanks!

A very educative, informative and enjoyable course, nice & friendly people, 2 thumbs up.
Dayon BV

I liked the way Emanuel presented the training. It was plessant and I learned a lot. Great!!
Dayon BV